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KSI Auto BulkPlant Automation

KSi AutoBulk

FarmChem has partnered with KSI to bring state-of-the-art control systems for your liquid loadout facility. We offer solutions from simple valve control all the way up to complex 24-hour loadout facilities. Today’s bulk facilities require complex chemical/fertilizer mixes and KSI AutoBulk can dial in the accuracy and efficiency.

KSI Auto Bulk Liquid Control System

KSI AutoBulk Features

The KSi AutoBulk platform offers a simple, PC-based user interface with PLC-based control system that combines scales and mass flow/metering control together into one touch screen, making it the premier liquid automation system in the industry. Today’s bulk delivery systems require complex chemical mixes, combinations, and liquid fertilizer and/or water blends, while still demanding accuracy and the capacity to quickly load trucks and get them out the door.

KSi AutoBulk utilizes wireless connectivity with an HMI user-friendly interface to offer the next generation of in bulk handling technology.

Computer Icon Black Blank Screen

Leverages KSi Automation to optimize equipment/hardware design with user-friendly interface

Cog and Wrench Black Services Icon

System designed for fail-safe, back-up manual operation

3 Arrows pointing down together black icon

Simultaneously handles multiple measurement devices, including mass flow sensors, pulse meters, scales, weigh tanks,…

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24/7 in-season remote Call Support

Ethernet Plugin Black Icon

Ethernet connections from main control panel with wireless connections from PLC boxes to air actuated valves offers flexibility in layout and placement of equipment

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Expandable software and hardware components to accommodate future growth

What’s Being Said…..

From rural bulk protection facilities to aerial application services, KSi AutoBulk facilities are growing across the country.  Take a look at a few of the facilities we have installed automation software in and hear what the staff their has to say.

Automation Levels
Automation Printer Epson

Level 2 Automation

Level 2 automation is a simple one-product control. Limited automation with a simple local display showing the meter readout and a printer. This system is perfect for liquid fertilizer loadouts or other simple systems that require precision metering and a printed ticket.

Automate Metered Device

Level 3 Automation

Level 3 automation allows you to fully automate a simple metered device. With this automation package, you can open/close multiple product valves, start/stop motors, read/display meter quantities, and purge the discharge line (if needed). Input product multiple product and customer names to customize the system to your needs.

The simple touchscreen interface is easy to use and is sure to streamline your process. This level of automation has some limited record keeping and printing capabilities, but works perfectly in those bulk repack scenarios!

Level 4 Automation Chart

Level 4 Automation

Level 4 automation combines multiple level 3 systems into one computer control for complete facility automation. Integrate your loadout processes across bulk fertilizers and chemistries, minibulk products, and hand-add-ins for comprehensive system control.

Metering control is at your fingertips with this system. Integrate mass flow sensor systems, mag meters, chemical meters, deck scales, weigh tanks, and more to deliver precise quantities – saving you money and giving your customer peace of mind!

Dream Big With This System

It can be setup with 24/7 access & loading. Access is gained by password and/or RFID; order numbers and driver information are entered prior to access.

This level of automation also allows for integration with agronomy software. Sending new orders and completed orders back and forth between the two interfaces to streamline billing and record-keeping.

Motor control fuel center

Motor Control Center

Motor control centers use the latest electrical technology. The motor control centers control motor starters and/or VFD drives to start & stop the electric motors with ease. And manual overrides ensure you aren’t down during those critical times of year.

Ethernet Connections

Ethernet connections are new wave of communication technology with automation. Ethernet connections are used between the metering devices, the motor control centers, and the solenoids. Ethernet connections cut down on the need for low voltage wiring, resulting in additional savings in electrician costs.

Featured Equipment

Mass Flow Sensors
Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meters offer a convenient and accurate way of measuring product. The mass flow meter is measures the density and the weight of the product. They are NTEP certified and legal-for-resale. One mass flow meter can be used for multiple products.

Endress Houser Electromagnetic Flow Meter online
Electromagnetic (MAG) Meters

Electromagnetic (MAG) flowmeters have been used throughout industries for more than 60 years. These MAG meters are applicable for all conductive liquids, such as water, acids, alkalis, slurries and many others. The MAG meter is best used with single products because of the different product densities and/or viscosities.

19771M Deck Scale
Deck Scale Packages

Deck scale packages offer a convenient and accurate way of measuring product. Deck scale packages are NTEP certified and legal-for-resale. Utilize the deck scale to measure product(s), to fill and/or dispense.

Volumetric Flow Meter
Volumetric Flow Meters

Volumetric flow meters offer a convenient and accurate way of measuring product. The flow meter is best used with single products because of the different product densities and/or viscosities. Pulsers can be added for a pulse output. They are NTEP certified and legal-for-resale.

Weigh Tanks Scales
Weigh Tanks & Scales

Weigh tanks and scales offer a convenient and accurate way of measuring product. Both are options NTEP certified and legal-for-resale. Utilize the weigh tanks with a scale to measure product(s), and then dispense. Or utilize a scale to set a container on, and then dispense.

Paddle Wheel Sensor
Paddle Wheel Sensor

Paddle wheel sensors are simple and inexpensive to measure product. As product flow by the paddle wheel, the paddle wheel turns creating a signal. The paddle wheel sensors are not NTEP approved, but offer an low-cost option for measuring water or other single product systems.

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