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Lawn and Pest Control Skid Sprayer

Top of the line lawn, turf, pest control solutions, and skid sprayer for your spraying needs. These skid sprayers have both stock and custom builds, and range from 50 gallons to 200 gallons. Elevated and compact skid sprayer for sale. There are several options for motors available, including UDOR and PUMPTEC. Able to mount in the back of a truck or a small utility vehicle for easy access.

APX Skid Sprayers are used to apply herbicide, and pesticide spray applications. 100 gallon skid sprayer, 50 gallon skid sprayer, and 200 gallon skid sprayer units are available.

What are APX Skid Sprayers and what are they used for?

APX Skid Sprayers are tank and spray systems that attach to a vehicle or trailer. They are easy to install as they are simply bolted to the vehicle.

APX is an Industry leading brand in skid sprayers.

How to choose the best Skid Sprayer for your needs

Electric skid sprayers take a little more effort to install as you need to connect them to the battery terminals. These require less maintenance than gas powered skid sprayers. Gas powered skid sprayers are very easy to install and ready to go, but you do need to operate and manage the motor and supply gas.

APX skid sprayers come with either a Manual or Electric Reel. Hose sizes of 3/8″ or 1/2″. Pump options include: AR252, AR30, Pumptec E350, Remco, or Udor Kappa K43.

spray tip nozzle spacing diagram

APX Skid Sprayers are typically purchased in conjunction with any necessary spray accessories needed for your application.

Spray Regulations

Please note: chemicals are required to have registered product labels or MSDS information to outline exactly how and when the chemical should be applied. FarmChem is not a chemical manufacturer and does not provide information or regulations for chemical applicators.

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