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Showing 1–16 of 101 results

Showing 1–16 of 101 results

DEF Pump, Meter, & Accessories

From DEF fluid pump kits to meters and hoses, check out these DEF transfer pump and equipment offerings.  Accessories include lids, scales, nozzles, hose reels, gravity kits and more.

What is DEF?

– DEF is a fluid used in diesel engines to improve fuel economy and prevent emissions
– DEF is also used in aviation and other industries
– Recommendations for use of DEF include keeping it clean, avoiding contact with water, and using a DEF filter when needed

Looking for a safe and efficient way to clean your diesel engine? Look no further than DEF! This fluid is specifically formulated to help keep your engine running smoothly and reduces harmful emissions. DEF is a clean and fresh fuel that helps your engine run more efficiently.

Top DEF Brands

Top DEF fuel pump and product brands; APX, APX Premium, APX Standard, Farmchem, Fill-Rite, Micro Matic, and Snyder.

DEF Pump With Nozzle

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