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Showing 1–16 of 74 results

Diesel Transfer Pump & Meter

Whether the job calls for a 12-Volt pump or a 115-Volt pump, FarmChem has the fuel pumps and fuel meters needed to do the work.  Fill rite pump, transfer tank pump, pump kits, solo pumps, and meters are in stock. Brands include Fill-Rite and GPI.

Fuel Transfer Pump Uses

A fuel transfer pump and meter are two devices used to move fuel from one tank or container to another. A Fuel Transfer Pump transfers fuel from the tank or container to the vehicle / machinery. A Meter measures how much fuel is in the tank or container being transferred.

Red Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pump

The main use of a fuel transfer pump is to move gasoline, diesel, or other fuels between tanks or containers. When you use a fuel transfer pump, it’s important to know the following:
– The type of fuel you are transferring – gasoline, diesel, etc.
– The tank or container you will be transferring the fuel to
– The distance between the tanks or containers

Fuel Transfer Meters

When using a fuel transfer pump, it’s important to use a metering device to measure the amount of fuel being transferred. Meters are often placed at intervals along the pipeline or in between tanks or containers for this purpose. When measuring fuel transfer, it’s also important to note the following:
– The distance between the two tanks or containers
– The type of fuel being transferred (gasoline, diesel, etc.)

For fuel accessories, please visit the Fuel Accessories page.

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