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Showing 1–16 of 351 results

Sprayer Nozzles, Spray Tips, and Spray Caps

Spray tips and spray caps are used to apply chemicals to crop inputs. Fertilizer, herbicide, and pesticide applications are the most common products used in the agriculture industry. We offer the right spray tip and spray cap for your specific chemical application.

What are Spray Tips & Caps and what are they used for?

Spray tips and spray caps are attached to a nozzle and typically connect to a large boom where chemical products are pumped through to apply a consistent chemical spray pattern over a specific acreage. Spray tips are designed to produce different spray patterns based on the product application used. Spray caps connect to the spray tip with a washer and small filter for the purpose of connecting to a nozzle.

Spray tips and spray caps are used to apply chemical products to crop inputs to maximize crop yields.

Spray tips and caps are used on sprayers and large tractors when attached to a boom. They are color coded to help you select the correct size for your chemical application. Size and color are synonymous across all the main brands. Always consult your agronomist and read the chemical label before selecting a spray tip and cap. Colors include orange, purple, yellow, blue, red, brown, white, green, burgundy, gray, light blue, and telemagenta.

Spray tip and spray cap sizes are used to control the droplet size of the chemical you are applying to your crop inputs. Spray tip and spray cap product models are used to control the spray pattern.

FarmChem offers all the major brands in the spray tip and spray cap industry. TeeJet, Hypro, and Greenleaf Technologies are the industry leaders when it comes to chemical application.

How to choose the best, Spray Tips, and Caps for your application

You should always adhere to the precise directions printed on the chemical label you are applying. Additionally, the chemical label will help you determine the recommended droplet size, application rates, sprayer speed, and nozzle spacing for your specific application. If you don’t have the chemical label with you, click the icon to search for the chemical you will be spraying. If you cannot find the chemical label in this database, we suggest you consult your local agronomist. The spray tip selection tools found here will only help you if you have the chemical label.

spray tip nozzle spacing diagram

TeeJet nozzles, spray tips and spray caps are typically purchased in conjunction with nozzles or nozzle bodies, spray valves, spray tanks, spray pumps, gauges, or other spray accessories.

Spray and Chemical Regulations

Chemicals are required to have registered product labels or MSDS information to outline exactly how and when the chemical should be applied. FarmChem is not a chemical manufacturer and does not provide advice for chemical applicators.

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