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Buckhorn Seed Box

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The reusable CenterFlow Container from Buckhorn is the most efficient, versatile seed box container available to transport and dispense seed, granular/pelletized materials and small manufacturing components. The smooth, funnel-shaped interior has a 35 degree angle for efficient flow of contents and complete emptying in less than a minute.

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Clear Plastic Document Holders – Clear plastic sleeves hold identification tags and forms. Two sleeves are standard, one each on the 45 degree ends. Secure Stacking – Container features guide lugs for easy stacking. Maximum stack filled: four containers.

Details for Buckhorn Seed Box

Weight150 lbs
Dimensions56.5 × 45 × 65 in


Internal Dimensions

53.5" x 42"

Weight Capacity

2500 lbs.

Volume Capacity

58.3 cu. ft.

Bushel Capacity




  • Always strap down CFC to transport
  • Lids must be secured during transport
  • Do not stack anything on top of CFC except another CFC
  • Lifting equipment must be rated at a minimum of 3,500 lbs.
  • Always use molded-in handles when assembling & nesting CFCs


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